Studio Z Architecture

Burns Park Tudor

Date: 12/26/2001

The owners of this Tudor home had two main goals for their home remodeling project. First, they wanted a family room. The existing house had a good-sized living room, but because of existing doorways, bookshelves, and a fireplace, arranging furniture was difficult. Also, the living room served as both formal and informal living space, so the children’s toys shared shelf space with family heirlooms. Although the owners originally planned to build the family room directly behind the living room, which would require them to demolish or relocate their screened porch, Studio Z suggested adding the family room behind the existing dining room. This allowed a much more seamless integration with the existing exterior forms of the house, and the homeowners got to keep their screened porch.

The new wing features an airy family room, with vaulted ceilings, high dormers, French doors, and an arched window at the end of the room. Between the existing dining room and the family room is a small home office area and a powder room.

The owners’ second goal was to improve the second floor master bathroom and closet space. The existing bathroom was cramped and the closets were small. To solve these problems, Studio Z proposed adding to the existing dormer to create a larger bathroom and closet area. The new bathroom is roomy enough for a walk-in shower and a spa tub.

Willow Building Company
Structural Engineer: SDI Structures
Photography: Steve Kuzma Photography


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