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Along the path of life we experience many changes. We enter new phases every so often. Many times those phases are upon us quicker than we expect. Is there anything that should align more with your personality, characteristics and family needs than your home? Think about that. Your home is your destination, your refuge, and there are so many ways it can adapt as your needs change.

Each new phase of life poses a unique challenge. A growing family requires more space. Empty nesters now have square footage that can be utilized in different ways. Seniors face challenges as they desire to age in place, in their homes, rather than transition into assisted living communities.

At Studio Z, we thrive on helping our clients identify what it is that they require from their home. If you’re facing challenges with your home, imagine a year from now. You’ve made changes, things are different and now it perfectly aligns with where you are in life. What’s different about it? How is your imagined version of your home better than you are today?

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The Challenges We Face...

A Growing Family

While starting a family may be an amazing time in your life, it surely comes with its own set of challenges. Welcoming a new addition into your home can leave you feeling cramped. There are times the walls may feel like they're literally moving in on you. You know something has to change, but you love where you live. Whether it's an addition or a re-design of your home's layout, Studio Z works with its clients to make their homes functional and comfortable as their family dynamic changes.

I Don't Want to leave...

You live in your home as well your community. Have you outgrown your home, but dread leaving your neighborhood and the friends you've cherished over the years? Perhaps you can have the best of both by changing the functionality of your home without having to move from the area you love.

Aging in Place

Thanks to advances in technology and the growth of in-home personal care providers, many seniors desire the comforts of their homes rather than transitioning to assisted living communities. So much can be done to adapt a home to the needs of seniors. What at one time may have been a bustling family home, can now become a gathering place for grown children and grandchildren during the holidays. Your home can continue to be the setting for future family memories!

Studio Z did such an expert job of matching the existing design and spirit of what was there. They listened and helped us think through how the space would really be used. The result is a space we truly love.”

Ann Arbor, MI

The Process

House Call
Studio Z meets with you in your home to discuss your needs, wants and dreams for your project. This can be a stand-alone service.
Custom home projects designed by Studio Z typically start with a design consultation. A design consultation gives you an architect’s expertise at a reasonable price. If, after the design consultation, you would like to work with Studio Z for your project, we will write you a contract proposal including the following steps.
The total cost for a custom home project is typically in the range of 7 – 12% of the cost of construction*, plus expenses.
Documentation of Existing Conditions
Studio Z measures your home, takes detailed photos, and enters the existing plans and exterior elevations into our computer system.
Schematic Design
Based on your needs, wants, and dreams for your project, Studio Z prepares rough floor plan layouts, which we will review with you. You provide your feedback and we rework the design and meet with you to review changes.
At the end of the schematic design phase, you will have floor plans and (if appropriate) exterior elevations for your project that you can show to a contractor or two to obtain cost estimates for the project. We encourage you to use the cost estimating process to choose a contractor to work with .through the rest of the project.
Design Development
Studio Z continues working on the design, including developing structural systems, electrical plans, kitchen layouts, and other details. During this phase, you will select finish materials and fixtures with Studio Z’s assistance, if desired.
Construction Documents
Studio Z assembles the drawings and specifications that will be needed to obtain building permits and used as a basis for constructing the project.
Construction Observation and Documentation
Once construction begins, Studio Z makes site visits at appropriate points to check to make sure that construction is progressing as expected and to answer any questions that you or the contractor have about the design.
Additional Services
3D Renderings
• Interior Design Services
• Bidding and Contract negotiation
• Purchase of products

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