Studio Z Architecture

Designing Your Home for Change

Along the path of life we experience many changes. We enter new phases every so often. Many times those phases are upon us quicker than we expect. Is there anything that should align more with your personality, characteristics and family needs than your home? Think about that. Your home is your destination, your refuge, and there are so many ways it can adapt as your needs change.

Each new phase of life poses a unique challenge. A growing family requires more space. Empty nesters now have square footage that can be utilized in different ways. Seniors face challenges as they desire to age in place, in their homes, rather than transition into assisted living communities.

At Studio Z, we thrive on helping our clients identify what it is that they require from their home. If you’re facing challenges with your home, imagine a year from now. You’ve made changes, things are different and now it perfectly aligns with where you are in life. What’s different about it? How is your imagined version of your home better than you are today?

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Studio Z provides full-service architecture, which means we’ll work with you from the earliest stages of planning and budgeting through the construction process. This includes conceptual sketches, design refinement, coordination of engineers, contractors and landscape architects, developing construction documents, helping you select a contractor and reviewing construction bids, and site visits to make sure the project is built according to your drawings. We also offer interior design services outside of the architectural scope.

If you’d like to include interior design services in addition to architectural design, we’re happy to provide that expertise. These services typically include the selection of finishes such as cabinets, lighting, plumbing fixtures, wall coverings, flooring, and appliances. The selection process for interior design can be overwhelming, and Studio Z enjoys helping to curate these selections for you to make the process easier—and to bring you access to products you may not otherwise know how to find.

Studio Z did such an expert job of matching the existing design and spirit of what was there. They listened and helped us think through how the space would really be used. The result is a space we truly love.”

Ann Arbor, MI